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Serving Northern Virginia Businesses
Since 2004


We Have the Equipment and Expertise to Tackle Even the Biggest Snow & Ice Conditions

Homeland Contractors provides responsive snow and deicing management services for commercial properties throughout the Northern Virginia Metro area. Dedicated to professional service in the Metro area, our team of experienced contractors are on call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week during any winter weather situation. We stay on top of predicted weather so we are ready and can be quick to act.

Exterior appearance matters throughout the year, winter included. Inadequate snow removal can be destructive and sloppy, creating an unpleasant environment for potential customers. A site that is damaged and covered with snow and ice is unacceptable. Let us help your business the entire winter season reliably and expertly. From sidewalks to parking lots, our services will meet your needs.

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Commercial snow plowing

Snow Clearing & Removal

Contracted customers receive service without having to request. Once accumulation reaches 2" our services commence regardless of the time, day or night. We also offer pre-treatment. Sodium chloride is used in drive lanes, fire lanes and parking lots. Magnesium chloride is used on concrete sidewalks. We plow drive lanes and parking lots and plow or shovel sidewalks and paved courtyards. In the event of an ice storm, sand or a 50/50 mixture of sand and sodium chloride is used.

snow storm


We furnish all de-icing agents, tools, equipment, and labor necessary to complete the work as contracted. Our equipment varies depending on the need including: tractor, backhoe, loader, trucks with v-plows, truck with landscape bed & plow, Dump Truck for hauling, Skid loader with push box snow plow, snow blowers, shovels, ATV/4-wheeler and more.

Experienced Snow removal


We have provided expert reliable service in the NOVA area since 2004. Maintaining clear sidewalks and drives during a snow storm is critical. We ensure safe access to pedestrian walkways, steps, handicap ramps, and building entrances. While other companies shy away from providing sidewalk clearing services, we recognize such services are essential for a comprehensive snow and ice management program.

We reduce costs without sacrificing quality

  • Offering fixed-rate seasonal & customized pricing options
  • Training our employees
  • Utilizing leading-edge technology

We guarantee satisfaction

  • Pre-season and post-season property inspections
  • Completion reporting

We offer peace-of-mind and convenience

  • Eliminates dealing with multiple vendors
  • Professionally-staffed 24/7

ICPI Certified Contractor